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Bloodline - Chapter 11: You're an idiot

After one class at school I could tell it would be boring day as fuck. It was shitty morning, followed by even shittier class in which my thoughts were similar to someone who's planning some kind of murder. What the fuck was he thinking? Was he an idiot or something? Obviously he was, because what kind of person asked how was it for me to watch my parents die? Retard. And what did he expect for answer? Yeah, man! It was terrific! You should try it sometime with your parents, you'll be thrilled. I was sitting by my desk, looking out of window and waiting for my biology class to start. Some places in the classroom were still empty but I didn't pay attention. I was thinking about how one could brutally but efficiently kill Roman fucking Godfrey. My grip around my pencil was deadly and my tapping with the pencil's point against pages of my notebook was loud.

"Tell me how it felt to see your parents die."
"Spoiled. Rich. Little. Fucker." I furiously mutt…

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